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Listen for the Shout! Listen for the Shout!

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Listen for the Shout!

Posted by: Dan Carter on Fri, May 10, 2019

We are near the return of the Lord!

Listen for the Shout
1 Corinthians 15:55
"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

Death thought he had a victory.  He always eventually won the battle.  Then came jesus.  Old King Death laid his icy, bony hands on Him and shackled Him with the bonds of death.  Jesus lay cold, stiff, and stark in that tomb.  Old King Death possibly clapped his bony hands, shrieked a hoarse laugh and declared, "I have Him! He's mine, when I get 'em I keep 'em.  I am going to keep Him too."  But after three days, the Lord Jesus just stirred a bit, and then He majestically rose from His resting place.  Jesus did more than survive death.  He defeated death in that tomb.
He got up from that stone slab.  He turned around and folded the napkin that covered His face. There was no hurry. He was in complete control. I love that part ? when the disciples entered the tomb, they found the napkin placed over His face.... folded!
Then there was that cruel king of all terrorists, Death, sitting upon the throne.  But this time Death had a terrified look on his face.  No one had done this before.  Jesus walked toward him, reached up and pulled him from the throne casting him to the floor. Death cowered in the corner of that tomb. Jesus put His heel on the neck of Death and reached down and pulled the sting out of Death.  Jesus put the crown upon His own head, and walked out of that tomb a risen, living, victorious Savior.
One of these days there's going to come a shout from the lips of the Lord Jesus when He returns. And that shout will go into the tombs of those who have claimed Him as Lord and Savior.  We're going to hear the shout that Lazarus heard.  Our Lord is going to step down from His majestic throne in glory.  "Come forth!"  The voice of the Savior will roll through the length and breadth of Satan's ruined empire and bring it crashing down.
The seas will give up the dead in them, the deserts will give up the dead that are in them, the battlefields will give up the dead that are in them and the graveyards will, perhaps, look like plowed fields as the Lord Jesus shouts...

"Come forth!"
Bro C
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