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God's Unfailing Love God's Unfailing Love

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God's Unfailing Love

Posted by: Dan Carter on Fri, May 10, 2019

When you belong to Him, He is always near.

God's Unfailing Love
Psalm 36: 7 (NIV)
"How priceless is your unfailing love?."

David knew the intimacy of the love of God as good as any of us.  Do you remember moments in your past when you were somehow made aware that God loved you?  Were there moments when you felt overwhelmed by God's love, acceptance, and forgiveness?  Even at times when you knew that you had done something wrong, and didn't deserve His love, you knew He was watching over you and that He did care. The psalmist David wrote that God's love is an "unfailing" love.  In fact, David and the other psalmists were so aware of God's "unfailing love"  that they wrote about it 70 times in the Psalms.

Are you still aware today that God loves you with an everlasting and constant love?  That says, God's love for you has never changed.  He loves you today as intensely as He loved you yesterday, or last year.  You may have done things that were not appropriate for a child of God to do.  But nonetheless, you are His child, and He loves you with an everlasting love.

Even if you ignore God and you need to ask His forgiveness, He never forgets that the Holy Spirit is living in you, and He respects you as the dwelling place of His Spirit.  Then, the really great news is that God's love for you tomorrow will also be unfailing.  It will never change.  Even if you fail, God's love for you will never fail. 

His love is steadfast and unchanging toward His sons and daughters.  That is what he means when he says you are the "beloved" of God.

We are in His constant care!
Bro C
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